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More than 30 years experience
in international grain trade

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Grain Brokerage
Although founded in 2019 we offer you more than 30 years experience in the international grain trade. Since the early ninetees we connect buyers and sellers on a global scale, being it merchants, millers, compound feed producers or starch and ethanol industries. Over the last 30 years we have been able to establish solid relationships with our customers. Because of these relationships we are able to offer a wide scope of the international grainmarket.

GAFTA member
Member of "Het Comité"
Transparency Knowledge Trust

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Martijn van den Breemen Broker
+31 6 51 48 14 33
+31 85 822 9888
Live: martijn_1475
Maarten Stehouwer Broker
+31 6 18 88 43 56
+31 85 822 9888
Live: maartenstehouwer
Bianca de Vries Execution
+ 31 6 30 37 67 64
+31 85 822 9888
Live: biancdevries

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We provide brokerage services in the agricultural commodity trade, with the focus on corn, wheat and barley. Based in the Netherlands, but with solid international relationships we aim to provide our clients with market intelligence from across the world and function as a platform to discuss the global grain market. We accommodate trading both in originating and destination countries with our main markets being the Black Sea region, Europe and the Mediterranean region, but not excluding North America, Australia and Asia.


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Onderlangs 2B
2991 EM Barendrecht, NL
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